“I have know Charity since 2017 and met her at the time of my first procedure for a thread lift.  I had lost about 80 pounds and my face was rather gaunt and sliding downward. Threads by Charity lifted my sagging jowls and restored volume to the mid face and cheekbones.  I look very natural,.. friends who have not seen me in a while always say how great I look and people ask me what I do for skincare. I take vitamin c and zinc which is what the body needs vitamin nutrient wise to build collagen.  Due to the weight loss my breasts needed some volume too and if you have seen the scars with a breast lift you understand why you would prefer another option. Charity restored that round upper breast firmness that helped lift and remold things so I feel more confident.   I’m not a model but I also don’t want to be depressed looking at myself after a shower. Collagen is what firms the skin over time. Charity’s amazing talents via threads will initially and instantly give you get a great lift and see a really significant difference. Over time your body exchanges the tunnel created  for the thread placement for collagen. It’s not an overnight process but as we age we lose cells and it is difficult to find a way to increase building of tissue and collagen. If you do things like micro-needling you understand the concept. Good diet, not sleeping on your face, not smoking and good genes only go so far then you need to go to the beauty ninja… meet Charity, your new bestie”